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Until now no fully antigravity machine exists in the world. The only possible comparison with this invention is the invention of the wheel, thousands of years ago. The invention of the wheel thus falls in the late Neolithic. Early wheels were simple wooden disks with a hole for the axle. The spoked wheel was invented more recently, and allowed the construction of lighter and swifter vehicles. Evidence of wheeled vehicles appears from the mid 4th millennium BC, near-simultaneously in Mesopotamia, the Northern Caucasus (Maykop culture) and Central Europe, so that the question of which culture originally invented the wheeled vehicle remains unresolved and under debate. The wheel is basically a circle, which is in two dimensions. Gyrolev is a sphere, which is in three dimensions. Using recent technologies in areas like computing, mechanics, mathematics and physics the time has arrived where it is possible to build the first ever fully antigravity machine.




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Several projects existed and still exists challenging what we understand to be the fundamental laws of physics in terms of antigravity. Some antigravity successes were reached using different technologies but until now no fully antigravity machine with unlimited applications was developed. Only partially antigravity devices were developed with very limited applications.


Some similar inventions that use oscillating masses in similarity with Gyrolev exist but none of them works.


In 2006 NASA wrote a report 'Responding to Mechanical Antigravity' basically saying that concept of 'Oscillating Masses' could not work and why. But (there is always a 'but') adding some details to the concept was our intention.


The prototype of Gyrolev cannot be built at home or in a garage. It is a high tech machine that uses advanced technologies (computers, new software, new algorithms, materials, mechanics, all high tech as well). As comparison is the building of a last generation Apple Ipad at home without having any high tech materials and proper equipment. This is one of the main reasons we do not have the antigravity machine yet.


Definitely it is not a purely mechanical machine.

It is a combination of several high technologies. This is another main reason we do not have the antigravity machine yet.


Based on our new concept, lots of work, research, open mind and patience we will have it.








YES, it is spherical, like atoms, planets, stars.


NO, it does not depend on air like planes, helicopters.


YES, it can travel in atmosphere or in space.


YES, it requires internal or external power source.


NO, it cannot be build at home or in a garage.


YES, it uses propellantless propulsion.


YES, it uses oscillating masses.


YES, mechanics and synchronisms inside Gyrolev are controlled by computers.


YES, it has UNLIMITED applications.

In space and on Earth transportation machines.


YES, there is more, ANOTHER concept exists, ANOTHER name, ANOTHER fully antigravity machine will follow Gyrolev.



The applications of the Gyrolev are infinite on Earth as well in space travel. A possible comparison with this invention in terms of innovation and its numerous applications is the wheel. Yes, the invention of the wheel, thousands of years ago. It is really difficult to imagine the future of such an invention, but one thing is sure, it will be applied to space travel. It will be in applications in space travel where we will have the better surprises, extending the reachable limits and at same time decreasing reach times that nowadays are incredibly slow due to high distances.

The first idea of how the Gyrolev could work occurred in September 2011 in Strasbourg, France.