Who are the people behind the Gyrolev?


There is no "US". There is "I". I am a thinker about a diversity of subjects, including gravity. One matter, in particular attracted my attention more then others, the antigravity and possible solutions for an antigravity machine.


What is my passion?


Gravity and Antigravity. And of course, the Gyrolev.


What do I stand for?


I am connected with a very serious goal, important and urgent: GIVE LIFE TO GYROLEV. The only possibility of, in a decent timeframe to colonize distant planets. And at same time stop polluting our planet with rocket technology, that is old, polluting, risky, very limited, too simple, uninteresting. Humanity needs really interesting ideas that will serve to extend the limits of our civilization and stop playing around. Now the limit is not the Earth, it is the space. Stop being accommodated (that is absolutely nothing, being accommodated, wake up) and look up with an open mind.





Our goal

Our goal is to find organizations interested in reviewing our invention. Nowadays many scientists (especially in the area of physics) laugh whenever someone proposes an antigravity solution. Somehow they are right, due to all the previous unsuccessful attempts. But we must keep an open mind. There is now a common disbelief that such a machine could see the light some day. The absence of any full antigravity machine until now does not mean that we never will invent one. The history of inventions is full of examples of disbeliefs in inventions that after some time are complete successes.


We are conscious that we'll have to swim against the tide. It is our intention to ask everybody to have an open mind and read our proposal with attention, listen to what we have to say and examine it carefully before concluding in advance that such invention can never work. Especially with an invention with this high complexity that will require the combined work of areas like mathematics, physics, mechanics and informatics.


Time passes and Gyrolev is excited to make his entrance into our world.